Advanced Classes

At selected venues and classes only: please inquire.

In our advanced classes, we concentrate on refining the skills required in the Silver and Gold color levels of our curriculum, emphasizing increased strength and flexibility for optimal performance. To achieve mastery, children must attend classes at least twice a week, engaging in two one-hour sessions.

While each level typically takes about a year to master, individual progression may vary depending on each child’s ability and practice consistency. Upon mastering all skills, children are eligible to progress to the next level, determined by our Grading Award System. Our instructors will notify you when your child is ready for advancement.

In addition to advanced tumbling skills, our program enhances flexibility, strength, speed, agility, and overall fitness while also focusing on social skills such as communication, friendship and overcoming obstacles.

My daughter has been attending Gym Wizards for several years. It’s the form of exercise that she likes best… individual effort. Now she is heading towards the end of high school and gym helps her unwind and keep fit… essential stress relief. Her coach is a real mensch, very caring and dedicated!
Megan Hall

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