AGES 4-5


Embark on an exciting journey with our 30-minute to 1-hour class, specially crafted to ignite your child’s physical and cognitive development. Through a dynamic blend of locomotor skill exercises, from the rhythmic flow of jogging to the playful bounce of skipping, our expert instructors guide children towards mastering essential movement patterns.

But it doesn’t stop there! We prioritize growth by integrating activities that enhance midline crossing, spatial awareness, and fundamental gross motor skills crucial for their developmental stage. Through age-appropriate stretching and conditioning routines, we foster muscle development and nurture flexible bodies, laying a solid foundation for lifelong physical wellness.

In our engaging sessions, children explore a variety of equipment, including floor mats and mini-trampolines, as they embark on thrilling tumbling adventures and discover the exhilarating world of aerial jumps. And let’s not forget the magic of movement to music, where rhythmic beats inspire creativity and expression, making every class a joyful celebration of physical activity and self-discovery.

Join us as we transform exercise into an unforgettable journey of growth, empowerment, and boundless fun!

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AGES 5-6


This is a 45-minute – 1-hour class which provides a perfect combination of fun and fitness. This class includes pre- schooler level tumbling, flexibility, strength training, balance, coordination, and development of age appropriate motor skills. Children practice locomotor skills, such as jogging, galloping, skipping, hopping, chassés and stretching to warm up their muscles and create flexible bodies.

Children use child appropriate equipment and work on tumbling (floor mats) and mini-trampoline.

Movement to music is also part of the curriculum!

The Grade R lessons cover:

  • Crossing the midline (bilaterality)
  • Spatial awareness, body awareness
  • Important perceptual and gross motor skills for this developmental stage
  • Strengthening muscle tone
  • Improving concentration
  • Balance and proprioception
  • Stimulation of co-ordination and agility
  • Rhythm

The basic physical and thinking skills of gymnastics, parkour and fundamental movement skills, promote not only strength, flexibility, co-ordination, and agility, but also develop important thought-processes and perceptual patterns that will be very important in your child’s other intellectual/physical pursuits that are necessary in both school and other sports.

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AGES 6-13


Yellow and Blue Colour Level

Our classes offer a dynamic weekly session lasting an hour, meticulously designed to cultivate each child’s fundamental movement skills while honing their prowess in tumbling and trampoline techniques. With a focus on individual progress, children are encouraged to navigate through skill-building exercises at their own pace, ensuring a tailored learning experience that suits their unique abilities.

Guided by a color-level curriculum, children embark on a comprehensive journey spanning approximately one year per level. However, progression may vary based on each child’s aptitude and practice frequency. Mastery of skills unlocks the pathway to the next level, marked by a milestone grading assessment conducted by our dedicated instructors.

Beyond mastering fundamental tumbling skills, our program enhances flexibility, strength, speed, agility, and overall fitness. 

Join us as we empower young learners to reach new heights, one skill at a time, and embark on a journey of growth, confidence, and boundless achievement!

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AGES 6-13


Red and Bronze Level

Twice a week, children attend two one-hour sessions, providing ample opportunity for skill development and body conditioning. As they progress, the curriculum intensifies, blending various fundamentals to challenge their abilities. Typically, children engage in the Red or Bronze levels, which demand increased flexibility, strength, and dedication for advancement. Mastery of skills signals readiness for the next level, facilitated by our Grading Award System.

Students typically spend one to two years in a level, though individual progress varies based on ability and practice frequency. In addition to honing fundamental tumbling skills, our program enhances flexibility, strength, speed, agility, and overall fitness.

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AGES 6-13


Sliver and Gold Level

At selected venues and classes only: Please inquire.

In our advanced classes, we concentrate on refining the skills required in the Silver and Gold color levels of our curriculum, emphasizing increased strength and flexibility for optimal performance. To achieve mastery, children must attend classes at least twice a week, engaging in two one-hour sessions.

While each level typically takes about a year to master, individual progression may vary depending on each child’s ability and practice consistency. Upon mastering all skills, children are eligible to progress to the next level, determined by our Grading Award System. Our instructors will notify you when your child is ready for advancement.

In addition to advanced tumbling skills, our program enhances flexibility, strength, speed, agility, and overall fitness.

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Experience the excitement now!

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